May 15, 2022

How to Use this Site

While we hope this site will serve as a helpful resource to anyone interested in learning more about Jesus, we also want to facilitate the user’s learning while he or she spends time on the site. The regular user will, for example, learn quickly that there are 8 major time periods in the life and ministry of Jesus. Each of these time periods has a corresponding area within the site that contains articles and resources specific to that time period. These are listed under Time Periods on the right side of every page.

Within each area or time period, there will be an overview of that period intended to help the user understand the core characteristics of that period in the life of Jesus. In addition to the overview, each time period has a chronological listing of all of the events taking place within that period. Each event listing is numbered for easy reference, has a brief description of the event, and identifies the Scripture texts where that event can be found. There’s also a single list of all events under Resources that can be quite helpful.

Some events have notes and commentary associated with them. When this is the case, the event will be linked to those notes. Eventually we hope to have notes on all events.

As articles are written and acquired that don’t necessarily fit into a particular time period, they will be placed under General Articles. In time, handouts, articles and other downloadable files will be posted for download under Handouts and Downloads. Similarly, as maps are developed they will be made available under Maps.

By visiting the site regularly and by using its growing number of resources, you can review the events of each time period and begin to develop a good understanding of the flow of Jesus’ life and better understand what drove him in his redemptive ministry, AND how to develop his character in your own life.  

If you have questions or suggestions or wish to write for the site, we welcome your emails at

May God bless you as you learn more about His son, Jesus, the Christ!

The Staff at