June 5, 2024

Time Periods in the Life of Jesus

The life of Jesus can be divided into 8 periods of time. These 8 periods are not articulated in the Bible. Rather they reflect a careful study of Jesus’ life and the events of his life. We have identified these 8 time periods to help the user learn the general flow of Jesus’ life. Other authors may identify a different number or may label them differently. We’ve even changed our own labels as we’ve developed the study for varioius reasons. They may change again in the future. For now, we’ve chosen 8 time periods with following labels and descriptors. . .

1 – Preparation – From conception to his baptism.

2 – Introduction – From his baptism to the beginning of the Galilean ministry.

3 – Galilean Ministry – Approximately 18-month ministry centered predominantly in Galilee.

4 – Season of Withdrawal – Approximately 6 months prior to beginning the Judean ministry.

5 – Judean Ministry – Roughly 3 months of ministry focusing on Jerusalem and surrounding Judea.

6 – Perean Ministry – Approximately 3 months spent primarily in Perea, east of Samaria, concluding with his final trip to Galilee and then Jerusalem.

7 – Passion Week – The final week prior to the crucifixion and resurrection.

8 – Resurrection and Appearances – The days following the resurrection up to his ascension.

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