June 5, 2024

Perean Ministry

So he departed again across the Jordan to the place where John (the Baptist) first was baptizing, and He remained there. – John 10:40 (HCSB)

Three months until the Passover. Three months until Jesus would make a final entrance into Jerusalem. Three months until Jesus would face the agony of the cross. Just three months until his redemptive mission would be fulfilled. In the meanwhile, Jesus would continue to preach, teach, heal, and manage the conflict according to God’s timetable, not the agenda of those planning to kill him.  [Read more…]

Events in the Perean Ministry

Below is a numbered listing of all recorded events in the Perean Ministry. This is not an exhaustive listing of every text in the Gospels. (Luke’s introduction, for example, is not included because it is related to Luke’s writing of the Gospel rather than the events of Jesus’ life.) Further, the number and order of events is not always [Read more…]

Jesus Teaches About the Narrow Way

Event Number 130. Jesus teaches about the Narrow Way – Luke 13:22-30


Jesus is Warned About Herod

Event Number 131. Jesus is warned about Herod – Luke 13:31-33


Jesus Expresses Sorrow for Jerusalem

Event Number 132. Jesus expresses sorrow for Jerusalem – Matthew 23:37-39, Luke 13:34-35


Jesus Heals a Bloated Man

Event Number 133. Jesus heals a bloated man – Luke 14:1-6


Jesus Teaches About Humility

Event Number 134. Jesus teaches about humility – Luke 14:7-14


Jesus Teaches The Parable of the Large Banquet

Event Number 135. Jesus teaches The Parable of the Large Banquet – Luke 14:15-24


The Cost of Following Jesus

Event Number 136. The cost of following Jesus – Luke 14:25-35


Jesus Teaches The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Event Number 137. Jesus teaches The Parable of the Lost Sheep – Matthew 18:12-14, Luke 15:1-7